Tilray Brands Expands Cannabis Beverage Portfolio With New THC, CBG and CBD Drink Innovations by Top-Performing Canadian Brands

TORONTO, Nov. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PRESS RELEASE — Tilray Brands, Inc., a global cannabis and consumer packaged goods company, today announced a bold new range of cannabis-infused beverages from its renowned brands XMG and Mollo. Recognized for their diverse flavors and innovative cannabinoid profiles, including THC, CBG and CBD, these brands are reshaping the cannabis beverage market with unparalleled variety and quality.

Blair MacNeil, president of Tilray Canada, said, “Tilray’s commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction is exemplified by our expansive beverage offerings from XMG and Mollo. With the success of recent introductions from other Tilray brands such as Solei and RIFF, we have firmly positioned ourselves as leaders in the cannabis beverage market. Both XMG and Mollo have consistently been top choices for Canadian consumers, and these new releases, highlighting unique cannabinoid combinations and premium formulations, underscore our dedication to providing diverse and quality brand experiences.”  


XMG has been the No. 1 brand in cannabis-infused beverages with the largest product line available in Canada, including the XMG Plus (XMG+) lineup featuring nostalgic taste profiles, serving as a top trusted brand in the beverage space with flavors consumers know and love. From its collection, three best-selling flavors currently rank in Canada’s top 5, with more new flavors to come down the line.

XMG’s latest innovations from its XMG Plus line, include:

  • XMG+ Tropical Cream Float: Crafted with full body flavors, XMG brings sunshine in a can with this new tropical twist on a classic cream soda, with subtle notes of fruit explosions accompanied by a sweetly balanced hit of 10mg THC + 10mg CBG and guarana extract.
  • XMG+ Citrus Peaks: Add some zest to your session and experience the jolt of the fresh citrus blast with every sip, along with 10mg THC + 10mg CBG and guarana extract.
  • XMG+ Paradise Treat: For those that daydream of being on airplane mode while hanging out in the sun; A nostalgic bubbly blast of fruit punch with 10 mg THC + 10mg CBG and guarana extract.
  • XMG+ Lemon Iced Tea: Refreshing and non-carbonated, this one’s for the fans who love the classic taste of a classic lemon iced tea, but with a well-balanced sweetness factor, featuring 10 mg THC + 10mg CBG and guarana extract.


Mollo is one of the only brands in the cannabis-infused beverage space offering mass-appealing, sessionable cannabis craft brews in Canada, and remains unique and differentiated with its flavors and cannabinoid variations; offering non-alcoholic brews that are light and easy-drinking, Mollo is for those looking for an alternative way to consume cannabis, while enjoying the refreshing taste that’s reminiscent of classic Canadian beers, and seasonal ciders. Crafted by master brewers with more than 65 combined years of brewing experience, Mollo’s products are available for different year-round consumer occasions. As of this year, its shares have doubled since January, and the brand is currently in the top 10 of Canada’s best-selling cannabis infused beverages along with XMG.

Mollo’s latest release made with natural flavor, includes:

  • Mollo 10 Orchard Chill’r: Perfect for the Fall and Winter season, this new infused drink is a semi-sweet, crisp, and refreshing apple cider-inspired brew providing the ultimate “chill,” with 10mg THC and 10mg CBG, best served in a chilled glass over ice.

Additional original consumer favorite brews available:

  • Mollo 5: A crisp, easy-drinking non-alcoholic lager, this brew is a Mollo original, best served poured into a chilled glass and sipped slowly, featuring a medium 1:1 ratio of 5mg of nano-infused THC and 5mg CBD.
  • Mollo 5 Lime: There’s nothing like a smooth, crisp, and lightly hopped non-alcoholic Mollo lager with refreshing lime flavor; best enjoyed in a chilled glass with a lime wedge at 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.
  • Mollo 10: This first-of-its-kind cannabis craft brew was one of the first drinks to hit the ground running for Mollo; it’s double-brewed for a well-balanced taste with 10mg THC + 10mg CBG, serving up a classic clean and crisp non-alcoholic lager profile best served in a chilled glass.

Following the success of Mollo’s original lineup, Mollo’s introduction of its Mollo 10 and Orchard Chill’r, lends a sneak preview of what’s to come for the brand, including the launch of a fresh new lineup of light and thirst-quenching on-the-go beverages perfect for the warmer spring and summer months, including a burst of fruit-forward tropical flavors such as Lemon, Mango, and Pineapple, along with Mollo 10 Lime, and an Orchard Chill’r Mixed Berry refresher.

XMG and Mollo continue to dominate the ready-to-drink cannabis beverage space with their new releases; The introduction of XMG’s additions to the XMG+ line and Mollo’s new non-alcoholic cannabis brews lights up the way for the upcoming line of products to come in the new year, with even more new formats and flavors for consumers to choose from. To keep up with the latest launches from XMG and Mollo, follow @findyourXMG and @mollo_out on social.


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